What is a personal driver or NCC for Italy?

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What is a NCC or Personal Driver?

In Italy, NCC means Personal Driver

The main function of the Personal Driver is to provide transportation to passengers from one place to another. It is essential that they guide passengers safely, comfortably and professionally, while simultaneously keeping track of navigation, traffic and times.

Personal Drivers can work for an agency, a company or an individual. They use their own vehicle or one provided by their employer and must respond to the wishes and needs of both customers.

Why book a Personal Driver (or NCC)?

To and from the airport

The main reason why you book a car rental service with a private driver today is to go to the airport. It is a fundamental service that allows you to always be on time. This aspect is essential when you have to travel because no one is going to stay on the ground and miss the flight. Even those who land and want to go home, book an NCC because the most reliable and safe service there is, without having to rely on taxis and metro systems that are now outdated and with very few certainties.

For ceremonies

Many times the Personal Driver service is required to participate in various kinds of ceremonies. Expensive spouses require a rental car with a private driver because it is the easiest and simplest way to arrive in style. The bride and groom’s car must be luxury and thanks to the private driver, no one is forced to give up the ceremony to carry out this task. Even the parents of the spouses often request a ncc service but also friends and other relatives. In general, whenever there is a ceremony, you can request this valuable service which is perfect and affordable for everyone. You can also book vehicles with more seats than a simple car so that it is possible to travel in small groups of people.

To get around the city

Personal Driver is available in whichever case you want. Whatever the individual need, you can always call to book a rental car with its driver so you can have access to a series of unmissable benefits. Those who have to move around the city with a certain style, without deceptions and without delays, must rely on this service which is the absolute number one.

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What Are the Duties of a Personal Driver?

Duties and responsibilities of the driver

In order to ensure the satisfaction of their passengers, personal drivers must drive safely, provide a comfortable environment inside the car and move from one place to another as efficiently as possible. We have analyzed a number of online vacancies to identify these key Personal Driver duties and responsibilities.

  • Know the places and the streets
    An essential component of a personal driver’s job is getting to your destination while minimizing the risk of making a mistake. To ensure this, NCCs (or personal drivers) must always plan routes, take note of possible detours and monitor the severity of traffic. Although a number of modern technologies can help with this, a Personal Driver must still strive and research to ensure that driving is as smooth and fast as possible.
  • Being able to communicate with customers
    The behavior of a NCC must always be impeccable. This means that depending on the passenger, the driver must always be kind and smiling throughout the journey and know how to adapt to the customer’s character. In addition, this job allows you to work with people of any nationality, so it is important to know at least a little English, in order not to risk having difficulties in understanding the needs of the passenger.
  • Vehicle maintenance
    Regardless of whether they use their own car or a car provided by their employer, private drivers are responsible for making sure both the interior and exterior of the car are always clean and aesthetically appealing. This may involve polishing the exterior, cleaning interior surfaces, or regularly spraying air freshener between trips. Equally important, if not more, is the maintenance of machinery and vehicle components. Constantly checking the fuel and engine gauges, taking the vehicle for routine maintenance and promptly addressing any problems that arise are all critical tasks for a Personal Driver. The Personal Driver’s employer will usually use a third party mechanic for such problems, however it is often always up to the driver to organize the mechanic’s work.