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Catania is the center of the most densely populated metropolitan area in Sicily, but despite the large extension of the Catania area, public transport such as city buses are not very adequate. In fact, there is a risk!

How to move in Catania?

Getting around in the city center and reaching the most important places can become a chaotic experience, despite the great variety of vehicles available.

In Catania, there is a subway line and 50 bus lines, but despite the offer, the transport system is not always efficient and it may happen that the buses do not respect the set timetables. Consequently, moving on foot is a valid alternative to visit the city.

From the airport to Catania city center

Vincenzo Bellini Catania-Fontanarossa airport is one of the busiest Italian airports. It is about 10 km from the city center of Catania and can be easily reached by bus or taxi.

What we can suggest, however, is the use of taxis, because unfortunately the buses, due to the intense traffic, are often late and remain a very uncomfortable vehicle, especially if you have a lot of suitcases to take with you. In fact, the bus stops at the stop, the rest of the journey will have to be done on foot.

Taxi price Catania airport – Catania city center

If you want to travel comfortably and get to your destination, the Taxi is a simple, comfortable, and effective solution, which will take you to your destination at fairly affordable prices. For three people, we are talking about only € 25.00

Advantages of the taxi in Catania

Limited Traffic Areas

As in many other cities, Catania is equipped with Limited Traffic Areas that serve to limit pollution and traffic. It allows both tourists and locals to enjoy the wonderful historic center of Etna city. The ban on transit and parking is valid every day 24 hours a day and concerns certain streets (for example Via Etnea, with “center” Piazza Bellini); the only vehicles allowed to transit are electric ones, taxis, and car rental with driver and police vehicles

Parking in Catania

Finding parking in Catania is not always easy. So if you are thinking about booking a rental car, know that this city is often crowded, and being able to park your car safely can be an exhausting experience. The safest alternative would be to go to a private car park. Obviously, the distance between the point where you want to go and the car park must also be evaluated and the fact that you will have to pay hourly rates must also be taken into account.

Reaching Etna

Reaching Mount Etna is an opportunity not to be missed and it is possible to do so thanks to the service offered by us at Sicily Transfer Taxi. Just go up this page and book your excursion to Etna in comfort.