No Green Pass for those who get on a taxi

05/10/2021 Da News Commenti Disabilitati

From 15 October, the green certificate verification for those who work is triggered

Catania, the obligation of the green pass also arrives at work: both in the public and private sectors. Meanwhile, the capacity in cinemas, theaters and stadiums increases after the yes of the CTS. What changes from October 15th.
Green Pass, with the publication in the Official Gazette of the decree law 21 September n. 127, the provision containing “urgent measures to ensure the safe performance of public and private work by extending the application scope of the Covid 19 green certification and strengthening the screening system” enters into force. Employees of public and private companies, as well as self-employed persons and VAT numbers, are added to health workers, doctors, school staff for whom the obligation is already in force.

The rules for the green pass from 15 October 2021 (Taxi and NCC)

There is no obligation of the Green pass for taxi customers while those who receive a plumber, an electrician or any other technician at home for a repair will not have to check if he has the certificate as “they are not employers but they are purchasing services. It is understood that they have the right to ask for the green pass “.

However, the freelancer must have the pass “when he accesses public or private workplaces to carry out his work, he is controlled by the subjects envisaged by the decree-law no. 127 of 2021. The owner of the company that operates within it it is checked by the person identified for checks within the company “.

Therefore, the government clarifies that you do not have to have a green pass to get into a taxi, therefore it is possible to travel by taxi even without having the green certification and the same applies to NCC services up to 9 seats.

Obviously, those who travel on taxis, whether or not they have a Green Pass, are always required to respect the usual rules to avoid the risk of contagion:

  • mandatory use of the mask;
  • prohibition to occupy the seat next to the driver;
  • maximum two people for each rear row of seats.

The limits on capacity can be exceeded only if the passengers are all relatives or in any case cohabiting under the same roof (circumstance to be proven with self-certification).

For their part, taxi drivers must provide for the daily sanitation of the vehicle. It is also recommended to fit partitions between the rows of seats.