Green Pass: rules from 1st September

01/09/2021 Da News Commenti Disabilitati

Mandatory green pass for those traveling from September 1st.

These are the new rules envisaged in Italy to contain the fourth wave of infections that cannot find a stop due to the no vax (it is now confirmed: nine out of 10 of those who end up in hospital have refused anti-Covid prophylaxis). With the provisions in force from Wednesday, the first day of September, the Green pass becomes mandatory for long-distance journeys. City buses are excluded, also because it would be difficult to check. But let’s see in detail how the new rules are foreseen by the decree-law of 6 August and valid until 31 December work.


The Green pass will be mandatory on all domestic flights (from July it is required for European flights). Outside the EU, the rules change from state to state. In our country (Italy), from September the 1st, at least one dose of vaccine will be required. Or you need to be already recovered from Covid or have a certificate done in the previous 48 hours attesting to the negativity of the virus. Wearing the mask is mandatory. On airplanes, there is no limit to capacity (it is 100 percent), while on shuttles it is 80.


For those who travel by train, the Green pass is not needed on regional routes, even if they travel between multiple regions. This happens because there is the possibility to open the windows. The Green pass is instead required for Intercity, Intercity Night, and High Speed. The capacity for trains, which is 50 percent until August 31, goes from September 1 to 80 percent. Except on Italo trains, which will be 100 percent, as these carriages have Hepa filters that guarantee a continuous and complete change of air in the carriage, as happens in airplanes. On fast trains, the mask can be removed for eating and drinking.


In the case of public road service, the Green pass is required only on inter-regional routes, or when you travel, for example, with rental service with driver, except in cases where this type of transport is added to the public, says the August decree. Wearing a mask is always mandatory. Capacity to 80 percent.


No obligation of Green pass for city buses. It remains only to understand if the Ffp2 mask will become mandatory and not just the surgical one. The Technical Scientific Committee will deal with it. The capacity will be 80 percent in the white area and perhaps it will drop to 50 in the yellow area. But it is still to be decided.


Also in this case, from September the 1st, people travel without a Green pass because taxis are equivalent to local public transport. Nobody will be able to sit next to the driver and the use of the mask will be equally mandatory. For cars up to 5 seats, passengers can only be two (three in case of a family).


For traveling by sea, the Green pass is also mandatory. Only if the connection is regional, for example, the routes from La Maddalena to Palau or from Carloforte to Calasetta and Portoscuso, the Green pass will not be required.


People who, for whatever reason, cannot get vaccinated, have the possibility to travel without the Green pass anyway, but they will have to show a medical certification that certifies the reasons for the lack of vaccine. Doctors must issue the certificate based on the provisions laid down by the Ministry of Health.


The obligation to wear a mask on public transport – or in any case in all closed places – does not apply to children under the age of six and to disabled people who, for some reason, cannot wear it.