Ragusa Tour

ragusa ibla

Ragusa Ibla

(Departure at 09:00 – Return at 15:00)

Currently, it is the oldest district of the historic center of Ragusa, also called only Ibla or, in the Ragusan dialect, Iusu (or the lower Ragusa, to distinguish it from the upper Ragusa), it is a UNESCO World’s Heritage Site.

The city contains over fifty churches and many Baroque-style palaces and, in the eastern part, is the Giardino Ibleo (Iblean Garden). The main places of interest are the San Giorgio’s Cathedral, the Portale di San Giorgio, the Church of Sante Anime del Purgatorio, and the Gardens, where there are the excavations of an ancient city that, according to various historians, would be identifiable as Hybla Heraia, an ancient archaic colony of Greek Sicily, and many others…

Ragusa Ibla + Modica

(Departure at 09:00 – Return at 18:00)


Our tour continues to Modica, a city that, due to its masterpieces, was included in 2002, along with some towns in the Val di Noto, in the UNESCO World’s Heritage List. The city has an enormous amount of religious architectures, including the famous and spectacular St. Giorgio’s Cathedral, a symbolic monument of Sicilian Baroque; the St. Peter’s Cathedral (with its Baroque façade); the Church of Santa Maria del Gesù and its adjoining convent, the  St. John’s Church.

The city is also known for the production of the typical Modican chocolate, produced following an ancient Aztec recipe that dates back to 1746, in fact, a visit to the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto cannot be missed.

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