Catania Airport Taxi Service: 6 reasons to take a taxi

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Taxi Service Catania – Airport

Taxi transport services have evolved considerably since their introduction. They have replaced standard passenger cars with private cars to travel in luxury at affordable costs.
At Sicily Transfer Taxi, we offer transfers from Catania airport to Catania City Center or other Sicilian cities.

Why choose a taxi?

1. Reliability:

The taxi service deserves recognition for its reliability, in fact, it arrives at the time you have set with the driver. For example, if you choose a shuttle bus, it can likely be delayed, with the risk that you will not be able to arrive in time to check-in, and the consequence does not need explanation.

2. Convenience:

Taxi is no longer as it used to be, as you can choose the pick-up time and location on our website. You don’t have to go to the driver in person. However, if you forget to make a travel reservation, you can book at the last minute thanks to a simple phone call and we will pick you up exactly where you are!

3. Cheap:

For example, if you land at Catania airport and you have to go to Syracuse, the cost for 4 people is only € 80.00. Considering that it is possible to divide the expense between passengers, with only € 20.00 per person you have a dedicated service that arrives at least 15 minutes before your arrival, helps you carry your luggage, and takes you to the exact house number you indicated. Convenient isn’t it?

4. Comfort:

Although this is a shared ride, a shuttle service offers the same convenience as a private car. Vehicles collect customers directly in front of the terminal and take them close to the hotel and other destinations.
Passengers are already exhausted after a long journey. A taxi service saves passengers the hassle of carrying luggage or looking for a rental car.

5. Good option for large groups:

Taxi service is a great option even if you are traveling in a group. The cars are no longer what they used to be and it is possible to transport up to 7 people. It means that groups can travel together using only one car for a very reasonable price if you also consider the benefits we talked about before!

6. Experience and knowledge of the area:

The taxi drivers are experienced. They know the area well and therefore refer to the tourist spots on the road. In this regard, Sicily Transfer Taxi is a really friendly service because it shows you the tourist places, but if you wish it organizes real tours, it will make you discover the most beautiful places in Sicily!

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